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Check out our Beta version - Try the desktop notifications for your computer and try installing it on your phone and let us know what you think! Did You Feel It? Report it Here! The USGS and its partners monitor and report earthquakes, assess earthquake impacts and hazards, and perform research into the causes and effects of earthquakes. Adding relatively inexpensive magnetometers to seismic stations across Alaska could help track geomagnetic storms as well as improve the performance of the seismometers.

SSA News Release. One USGS scientist has sorted through the challenges, the claims, and the data to determine what the possibilities and limitations really are for EEW, and the results may surprise you Information about real-time earthquakes, online catalog search of archives, seismicity maps and statistics. US faults, information about seismic hazards in various areas, tools for seismic design values. The science of earthquakes, FAQ, glossary, links to earthquake topics, Earthquakes for kids.

Global, national and regional networks recording earthquakes and crustal movements, maps, station information, real-time seismic waveforms. Research projects in the Earthquake Hazards Program, external research support, science center activities, software.

The Earthquake Hazards Program website is moving. Latest Earthquakes Check out our Beta version - Try the desktop notifications for your computer and try installing it on your phone and let us know what you think! Significant Earthquakes, Past 30 Days Javascript is used to load event data. If you can not enable Javascript, you can view the raw data here. Highlights Geomagnetic Storms Could Be Recorded at Alaska Seismic Stations Adding relatively inexpensive magnetometers to seismic stations across Alaska could help track geomagnetic storms as well as improve the performance of the seismometers.

Earthquakes Information about real-time earthquakes, online catalog search of archives, seismicity maps and statistics. Hazards US faults, information about seismic hazards in various areas, tools for seismic design values. Data Monitoring, station, and other various seismic data available for download. Monitoring Global, national and regional networks recording earthquakes and crustal movements, maps, station information, real-time seismic waveforms.

Research Research projects in the Earthquake Hazards Program, external research support, science center activities, software.The Holy Land is a region where earthquakes occur frequently. By one means or another, big earthquakes have been documented in the Holy Land for a period exceeding 4, years. Holy Land earthquakes are also evidenced from archaeological excavations. No other region of the earth has such a long and well-documented chronology of big earthquakes.

Recently, geologists have investigated the 4,year chronology of earthquake disturbances within the uppermost 19 feet of laminated sediment of the Dead Sea.

the quake h

Other earthquakes are represented in the Dead Sea sediment core with dates approximated by assuming a steady rate of sedimentation. Consider 17 of the most important earthquakes that relate to the Bible. The earthquakes are listed in chronological order. On the third day of the creation week, the waters of the earth were collected into the oceanic basins as continents appeared Genesis Before Day Three, the waters had been over the whole earth.

Can anyone properly comprehend the colossal upheaval that formed continental crust on Day Three? Angels must have watched in awe! The year-long, global Flood in the days of Noah was the greatest sedimentary and tectonic event in the history of our planet since creation see Genesis 6 The enormous upheaval probably associated with faulting of seafloor springs unleashed a year-long global flood.

Zoar is the site to which Lot and his family fled with the approval of the angels Genesis As a city, it flourished through the time of Moses and the kings of Israel, even being described as a city of the region of Moab by the prophets.

Because Lot and his family made the journey by foot in just a few hours Genesis23Sodom must be less than about 20 miles from Zoar modern Safi. These two sites are likely the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah. No doubt the earthquake prepared both Moses and Israel for the important truths the Lord was going to communicate.

A crisis of leadership developed among the children of Israel in the wilderness Numbers Korah and all his men were killed and their possessions taken, as the land on which they were camped split apart and closed back upon them Numbers God destroyed them because they rebelled against Him. The wall of the fortified city of Jericho collapsed suddenly after the Israelites marched around the city seven times Joshua 6.Daisy Johnsonalso known as Quakeis a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The daughter of the supervillain Mister Hydeshe is a secret agent of the intelligence organization S. Daisy Johnson appears as a main character in Agents of S.

the quake h

She is played by actress Chloe Bennet. She is reimagined as an Inhuman originally known as Skye. Aspects of this interpretation were later integrated into the comics. Her look was modeled after actress Angelina Jolie in the film Hackers. Daisy Johnson appeared as a supporting character in the Avengers series, from issue 19 January through its final issue 34 January D comic integrating the characters and elements of Agents of S. Daisy Johnson joins them at issue 7, it mentioned that Johnson is Inhuman for the first time.

D'it was written by Marc Guggenheimthe first issue was released on January 13, and includes the main cast members of the show including their likeness. It was written by Matthew Rosenberg and was drawn by Javier Garro. Daisy Johnson is a superhuman with seismic earthquake -producing powers, and is the illegitimate daughter of Calvin Zabo, the supervillain known as Mister Hyde.

Taken in by S.

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Daisy herself was a participant in this incident, where Fury used trickery, lies and outright brainwashing in order to secure a superhero team to overthrow the legitimate government of Latveria.

This later resulted in a terror attack on American soil; Daisy destroys the cyborg leader. In her most visible action, Johnson has helped to defeat the powerful mutant leader Magneto by inducing a vibration in his brain that made him lose consciousness.

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This was during a three-way confrontation with the X-Men, Avengers and the "Collective" - a powered being carrying thousands of mutant energy signatures. Daisy states in this appearance that if she were to join the superhero team the Avengersshe would adopt the moniker "Quake". The Avengers had splintered due to the events of the — " Civil War " storyline and she is later seen reunited with Nick Fury, in disguise, who gives her new orders to recruit the descendants of various villains and heroes in order to assist him with the threat against the Skrulls in their Secret Invasion.

She is tasked with tracking down how Osborn appeared via hologram in the middle of a supposedly secure press conference. After finding out that the avengers had been captured by hydra she proceeded to rescue them single handily.

Hill is promoted to Director in her place. In the S. The nickname "Skye", Daisy's original name from the show, is also introduced to comics as Coulson's affectionate name for her, and she is redesigned with the likeness of Chloe Bennet.

Their mission takes them to the island of Lingares where they deal with some Deathloks and Ultimo. Daisy Johnson generates powerful waves of vibrations which can produce effects resembling those of earthquakes. She is immune to any harmful effects of the vibrations. She also has or was given a form of psychic shielding. She is also a superb hand-to-hand combatant, skilled all-around athlete, and excellent marksman.

She was a leading espionage agent, adept at undercover assignments. Her training under Fury enables her to target her seismic waves with pinpoint accuracy, causing targeted objects to vibrate themselves apart, from the inside out. This is shown in her being able to prevent the detonation of an antimatter bomb implanted in the body of Lucia von Bardas by destroying its power supply, and exploding the heart of Wolverine while in his chest, to halt an enraged attack on S.Quake is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by GT Interactive in It is the first game in the Quake series.

The overall atmosphere is dark and gritty, with many stone textures and a rusty, capitalized font. The successor to id Software's Doom seriesQuake built upon the technology and gameplay of its predecessor. After Doom helped to popularize multiplayer deathmatches inQuake added various multiplayer options. Online multiplayer became increasingly common, with the QuakeWorld update and software such as QuakeSpy making the process of finding and playing against others on the Internet easier and more reliable.

In Quake 's single-player mode, players explore and navigate to the exit of each Gothic and dark level, facing monsters and finding secret areas along the way. Usually there are switches to activate or keys to collect in order to open doors before the exit can be reached. Reaching the exit takes the player to the next level. Before accessing an episode, there is a set of three pathways with easy, medium, and hard skill levels.

The fourth skill level, "Nightmare", was "so bad that it was hidden, so people won't wander in by accident"; [7] the player must drop through water before the episode four entrance and go into a secret passage to access it. Quake 's single-player campaign is organized into four individual episodes with seven to eight levels in each including one secret level per episode, one of which is a "low gravity" level that challenges the player's abilities in a different way.

As items are collected, they are carried to the next level. If the player's character dies, he must restart at the beginning of the level. The game may be saved at any time in the PC versions and between levels in the console versions.

Upon completing an episode, the player is returned to the hub "START" level, where another episode can be chosen. Each episode starts the player from scratch, without any previously collected items.

THE QUAKE Trailer (2018) Disaster Movie

Episode one which formed the shareware or downloadable demo version of Quake has the most traditional ideology of a boss in the last level. The ultimate objective at the end of each episode is to recover a magic rune. After all of the runes are collected, the floor of the hub level opens up to reveal an entrance to the "END" level which contains a final puzzle.

In multiplayer mode, players on several computers connect to a server which may be a dedicated machine or on one of the player's computerswhere they can either play the single-player campaign together in co-op cooperative mode, or play against each other in multiplayer.

the quake h

When players die in multiplayer mode, they can immediately respawnbut will lose any items that were collected. Similarly, items that have been picked up previously respawn after some time, and may be picked up again.

The most popular multiplayer modes are all forms of deathmatch. Deathmatch modes typically consist of either free-for-all no organization or teams involvedone-on-one duelsor organized teamplay with two or more players per team or clan.Science Explorer. Frequently Asked Questions. Multimedia Gallery. Park Passes. Technical Announcements. Employees in the News. Emergency Management. Survey Manual. Earthquakes can occur anywhere between the Earth's surface and about kilometers below the surface.

For scientific purposes, this earthquake depth range of 0 - km is divided into three zones: shallow, intermediate, and deep. Shallow earthquakes are between 0 and 70 km deep; intermediate earthquakes, 70 - km deep; and deep earthquakes, - km deep. In general, the term "deep-focus earthquakes" is applied to earthquakes deeper than 70 km.

All earthquakes deeper than 70 km are localized within great slabs of lithosphere that are sinking into the Earth's mantle.

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The evidence for deep-focus earthquakes was discovered in by H. Turner of Oxford, England. Previously, all earthquakes were considered to have shallow focal depths. The existence of deep-focus earthquakes was confirmed in from studies of the seismograms of several earthquakes, which in turn led to the construction of travel-time curves for intermediate and deep earthquakes. The most obvious indication on a seismogram that a large earthquake has a deep focus is the small amplitude, or height, of the recorded surface waves and the uncomplicated character of the P and S waves.

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Although the surface-wave pattern does generally indicate that an earthquake is either shallow or may have some depth, the most accurate method of determining the focal depth of an earthquake is to read a depth phase recorded on the seismogram. The depth phase is the characteristic phase pP-a P wave reflected from the surface of the Earth at a point relatively near the hypocenter. At distant seismograph stations, the pP follows the P wave by a time interval that changes slowly with distance but rapidly with depth.

5.7 magnitude earthquake in Utah knocks out power to thousands and diverts flights

This time interval, pP-P pP minus Pis used to compute depth-of-focus tables. Using the time difference of pP-P as read from the seismogram and the distance between the epicenter and the seismograph station, the depth of the earthquake can be determined from published travel-time curves or depth tables. Another seismic wave used to determine focal depth is the sP phase - an S wave reflected as a P wave from the Earth's surface at a point near the epicenter.

This wave is recorded after the pP by about one-half of the pP-P time interval. The depth of an earthquake can be determined from the sP phase in the same manner as the pP phase by using the appropriate travel-time curves or depth tables for sP. If the pP and sP waves can be identified on the seismogram, an accurate focal depth can be determined. Sipkin, and George L. Choy Earthquakes and Volcanoes Volume 21, Number 1, Skip to main content. Search Search. Earthquake Hazards. Determining the Depth of an Earthquake.

Science Center Objects Overview Earthquakes can occur anywhere between the Earth's surface and about kilometers below the surface.CNN A 5. Here's the shaking intensity map for this earthquake.

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As you can see, the stronger shaking is felt around the magna area and less intense shaking radiates outward. Utquake pic. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Salt Lake City shook by powerful earthquake. Civil rights hero John Lewis has died at age White House moves portraits of former presidents. Mary Trump: Trump is endangering through his rhetoric. Mysterious arrest video with unidentified police raises questions.

Jim Acosta: The President appears to have moved on. Hear what's in 'secret' White House coronavirus document. Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Hear what Fauci's boss would do if asked by Trump to fire him. Former colleagues warn Birx's rise could come at a cost. Doctors sound alarm over 'Covid parties'. King: We thought this was troublesome. You see the trend now. Battle gets uglier between Georgia governor and Atlanta mayor. See meeting abruptly end after turning into anti-mask protest. Russia denies Covid vaccine research hacking allegations.It is the sequel to The Wave and was released in Norwegian theaters on 31 August A year after the rockslide in Geirangergeologist Kristian Eikjord is preparing to appear on a talk show, and is hailed as a hero for saving hundreds of lives in the disaster.

Kristian is living in seclusion in the mostly rebuilt Geiranger, while his family moves to Oslo. Idun has a new job as a hotel worker at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel.

Julia comes to visit Kristian for a weekend in Geiranger. Disappointed by how little he tends to her, she requests to go back home. That night, she discovers a secret room in Kristian's house dedicated to the fatalities of the tsunami. She confronts Kristian about this, who reveals he feels responsible for their deaths. Despite Julia's admonishment that she now wants to stay the weekend, Kristian still sends her home early, calling her distractive.

Sometime later, the death of a colleague, Konrad Lindblom, in the Oslofjord Tunnel. Then, along with some up-until-then ignored research Kondrad had sent him, Kristian is promoted to travel to Oslo to investigate the circumstances of Konrad's death. Johannes tries to ensure Kristian that there was nothing to worry about, due to a new up-to-date monitoring system, which showed that much of the seismic activity that Konrad was worried about was only construction being done across the city, and surrounding areas.

Kristian leaves, still unsure, but with Johannes' promise to contact him with any updates. Kristian then visits Kondrad's home, only to meet with his former colleague's daughter, Merit.

There, Kristian discovers Konrad's research, including core samples and a map that has recorded more serious seismic activity than Johannes was claiming. He calls Johannes, who mostly ignores him, but promises to look into it. That night Kristian visits Idun at her apartment, only to run into his son, Sondre.

Sondre, although happy to see his father, awkwardly introduces his girlfriend to Kristian, after which they leave for a movie. Indun and Kristian have a tense moment saying hello, Kristian apologizes for sending Julia back home early, and returns Julia's scarf. Idun invites Kristian to Julia's ballet recital the next day, and he accepts. After talking some about their separation, Kristian attempts to tell Indun about his concerns, only to be interrupted by a power outage, being the second one that week, according to Indun.

They try to replace the fuse, to no avail, Idun gets scared by some rats, Kristian tries to console her saying he doesn't blame her for leaving him, only for Idun to say that he left them first.

The next day Kristian returns to Konrad's house, and after seeing some more concerning research, convinces Merit to take him to the tunnel where her father died. Arriving there, Kristian discovers that his colleague was killed by a collapse in the tunnel he was studying and a core sample Konrad was attempting to recover, shortly before his death. On Kristian's way back to the city, Indun calls him asking his where he is, and that he was missing Julia's recital.

Kristian attempts to assure Idin he's on his way, only to be distracted by very easily snapping the core sample he discovered in half, which shouldn't have been so fragile, given it was made of solid stone.

1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake

Just then, a massive power outage takes out all the electricity in the city, then disconnects their call. Seconds later a seismic rift destroys the Oslo Opera Housewhere Jula was doing her recital. Idun safely gets Julia out of the building, finding her daughter underneath a tipped-over table.

Kristian arrives at the Opera house, only to find police, ambulances, and people fleeing the scene.

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